Jus Naturale

Latin definition of "natural law", the law inherent in all living beings. Wikipedia
We are a transparent project, so we form our Whitepaper on the Wikipedia principle. We constantly improve the preliminary document - Greenpaper together with the ecosystem participants. You can suggest your ideas on making Greenpaper better using our forum. The authors of the proposals, which will be included in the final document will receive bonus tokens.


We are creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem that develops the ideas of sharing economy, responsible consumption and gives access to products and services that were out of your reach.


Our ecosystem provides access to a new decentralized economy.
Jus Naturale creates a connection between cryptoworld and real economy and gives everyone an opportunity to become a member of the powerful community, a co-owner of high-tech start-ups as well as companies from the real sector that will be part of the ecosystem.

Legal token ownership

We created a transparent legal construction, binding tokens to the share of the company's corporate rights.

Human potential realization

The main resource of our ecosystem are people, therefore we distribute our tokens absolutely free of charge, and their cost will directly depend on the growth of the ecosystem and the efforts of each participant in its development.
In the new economy conditions, we provide people with opportunity to obtain new sources of income, the opportunity to realize their talents for the benefit of themselves and the ecosystem as a whole.


Tokens Distributed


Registered Users


Token Holders


We are forming an ecosystem, so we are distributing our tokens for free in next rounds:


Round limitations

Tokens per member: 10

Members limit per round: 3,000

Total Members: 3,000

Tokens limit: 30,000



Round limitations

Tokens per member: 9

Members limit per round: 7,000

Total Members: 10,000

Tokens limit: 63,000



Round limitations

Tokens per member: 8

Members limit per round: 12,000

Total Members: 22,000

Tokens limit: 96,000


Next round


Round limitations

Tokens per member: 7

Members limit per round: 25,000

Total Members: 47,000

Tokens limit: 175,000


JusNaturale Token

What is a JusNaturale token: JusNaturale Token is a membership token (Ethereum ERC20 standard), which provides membership in Jus Naturale Association and legal ownership of share in authorized capital of Jus Naturale OÜ. This information is stored in a decentralized registry on the basis of an e-register agreement between Jus Naturale OÜ and Jus Naturale Association.
Price: FREE (assumed initial rate - 0,1 ETH)
Corporate Structure: 20% of Jus Naturale OÜ corporate rights are transferred to the Association and become tokenized. 80% of the authorized capital remains with the founders.
Symbol: JNC
Referral Program: Jus Naturale members are able to participate in the referral program – invite your friends to the Jus Naturale ecosystem and both get additional free tokens after new member verification.
Bounty Program: After the free distribution of tokens, an additional issue of tokens will be conducted to distribute to the bonus program participants in strict accordance with the bounty program.



This free membership token distribution is being conducted by Jus Naturale OU, which is fully operational by EU legislations and International scientific association Jus Naturale.
Aforementioned association implements and develops ideas of digitalization, decentralization and responsible consumption.

We've also created a business platform, which specializes in providing legal, consulting, marketing and IT-services thereby supporting and implementing our ideas in practice.

You can find more about us at our website:


Direct transfer

Every token holder is regularly given part of the whole ecosystem profit in proportion with the number of tokens that he owns.


Every token holder will have an opportunity to sell his token after ecosystem formation on major cryptocurrency exchanges.


Global Marketing Agent

Jus Naturale ecosystem will be a global marketing agent, helping other companies to spread the word about them, getting a reward in return.

Global Escrow Agent

Our ecosystem will be a global escrow agent, providing escrow services throughout the globe, helping to maintain safety and transparency.

Business Accelerator

We will provide information, research, assistance, crowdfunding capital raising and all other necessary services, for start-ups and business.


Igor Opadchiy

Experience: 15+ years
Project CEO at Jus Naturale

Igor Opadchiy

Project CEO

Denis Chernenko

Experience: 8+ years
CIO at Jus Naturale

Denis Chernenko


Ian Levitas

Experience: 5+ years
CLO at Jus Naturale

Ian Levitas


Igor Taranenko

Experience: 15+ years
CVO at Jus Naturale

Igor Taranenko


Igor Polonsky

Experience: 20+ years
CFO at Jus Naturale

Igor Polonsky


Zvereva Anna

Experience: 15+ years
CCO at Jus Naturale

Zvereva Anna



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